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Are the new member states on the verge of the EU accession? – The latest dilemmas of the enlargement policy
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Attentive searchers or lazy users? – The development and types of the image of the average consumer in European Union law

Nowadays the people can easily fulfil their wishes via various online platforms, websites in just a few seconds. However, in the midst of fulfilling said desires, the average consumer can easily become a victim of a scam; a topic we have already discussed in a previous article on practices commonly referred to as “dark patterns". Therefore, it is worth asking what kind of behavior should be expected from consumers in order to be able to say that they have done everything expected, and can we talk about consumer groups that need to be protected in particular? Read more… (Dominik Boros)

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Greener travel for everyone – Fit for 55 proposals for the transport sector

A systemic review of transport at EU level is back on the agenda. This is not surprising, as it is high time to start seriously addressing the issue of climate change and adapting our legal systems to the new situation. Climate catastrophe is no longer the future, it is the present, and even at best, it is not a temporary issue. Road transport accounts for around 20% of all energy-related emissions in Europe, so it is inevitable that this sector will have to make serious emission reductions. Read more… (Lilla Balogh)

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One step forward, two steps back? – Or a brief assessment of the status of Ukraine and Moldova as EU membership candidates

This blog post tries to demonstrate why the European Union (henceforth abbreviated as the EU or the Union) considers enlargement policy as a key domain these days – whether it considers it as a foreign policy or geopolitical instrument, and how this relates to Ukraine and Moldova’s candidate status. Read more… (Petra Olesnyovics)

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Do I really want to buy this service?

Nowadays the people can easily fulfil their wishes via various online platforms, websites just in a few seconds. But the more the technology progresses the more questions will arise whether we are able to purchase services safely or we are the victims of shady manipulation tactics which are intended to influence us and which the average consumer hasn’t got much chance to recognize on his own. Algorithms provide personalised services, and, in this context, comfort functions tailored to consumer needs. Moreover, data-driven technologies enable businesses to micro-target consumers with advertising and personalised offers, monitor competitors’ prices more easily and this…

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Dynamics of employment termination – the question of the parties needs in the mirror of the rules of termination in the Hungarian Labor Code

When we talk about the enforcement of our labor claims, we immediately may think about the classic ways provided in our Labor Code, such as the mutual agreement of the parties, demand for payment, or the most important way: the labor lawsuit. This short article undertakes to examine and present the question of how the ways of termination collaborate with the interest of both parties of the employment relationship, and to find its possible critical points. Read more… (Ferenc Orosz)

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Court of Justice of the EU on drinking water policy: Member States are obliged not to authorise a project that may cause a deterioration in the quality of a body of water

According to the rules, the approval of a project is only possible when the implementation does not adversely affect the quality of the drinking water provided to the inhabitants in the affected area. The Regional Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials, Cottbus (Germany) approved an application submitted by Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG for the construction of an artificial lake, the overflow of which would flow into the river Spree. Upon creation of the lake, the water leaving the overflow would have a significantly higher sulphate concentration than the water already in the Spree. Read more… (Ildikó Krivanics)

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Price Control in the Eastern European Region

Hungary is the first country in the region and the EU to have recently introduced official price regulation. But Hungary is not the only European country where the government intervenes in market prices. It has been applied in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, and Poland has taken a different approach to the problem of price volatility. Despite the fact that, according to economists, price regulation may be justified for a short period of time, it has been used in our country for a long time. Furthermore, in the October 2022 decision, the Hungarian government extended it to additional basic foodstuffs. However,…

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The Role of Offshore Companies in the Macroeconomy – From Tax Optimisation to Tax Avoidance

Offshore companies play an exceptionally important role in the macroeconomy. As a result of the recently emerging scandals (Panama papers, Pandora papers) now they could face more attention than ever before. Despite the commonly regarded negative sense of macroeconomy, it is undeniable that it has many positive effects, especially in terms of tax optimisation, or encouraging investment. It is important to note, that offshore companies raise several questions and concepts, which require further elaboration: such as their legal regulation, the term of tax avoidance, and the blacklist (the list of non-cooperative EU countries from a tax point of view). Read…

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