The news section of the blog disseminates news from primary and secondary sources as well.

Primary news is a short summary written by the editors and co-workers of the blog based on some original source. These articles are connecting the mission of the blog and coming from the following sources: laws enter into force lately; court judgments (like decision of Hungarian and foreign Constitutional Courts, European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice); decisions and opinions of the European Union’s and Hungary’s Authorities and institutions; stand of professional organizations; news and analysis related to Hungary or Europe published on foreign printed press and online media.

2015. június 16.
Az Alkotmánybíróság a 
III/00768/2015 határozatában megállapította az Országgyűlés alaptörvény-ellenes mulasztását… Tovább..


Secondary news (or imported news) is imported from other online media providers. Posting secondary news means we indicate the original date of disclosure, the name of the original provider, the link related to the original news, and also the initial letters of the writers name.

For example:

July 15th 2015 (

A new firm provides heating gas to Debrecen and Nyíregyháza [H.K.]