The research group is led by Tamás M. Horváth, and it was formed on the January 1st 2012. The project implemented by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Debrecen and the name of the research group is „MTA–DE Public Service Research Group“.

Our main hypotheses were detailed on provision of public services at different territorial levels of government. There were different aspects, like administrative, property management, financial, public policy and policies of the European Union in this respect. Our basic hypothesis is that significant changes took place in these different fields of functions in the last decade. After the period of privatization a re-municipalisation also spread. Specialties of public property are focused more rigorously than before. After the crises in 2008, government functions increased in provision of public utility services. European policies had to face new challenges in this period. Our analytical studies deal with specification of these general contemporary processes.

The research group is planning to build a wide research system with other researchers outside the research groups’ members.

Head of the research group:
Tamás M. Horváth, DSc, Head of Financial Law and Public Management Department, Full Professor

Title of the Research Project:
Regulatory Tools for Local Public Services (In Hungarian: Területi közszolgáltatások szabályozásai)

Project period:
January 1st 2012 – June 30th 2017