Thoughts on the new Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy

  • 2022/01/31
  • kutatocsoport5

In January 2022, the new Guidelines on state aid for climate, environmental protection and energy 2022 (’CEEAG’) will replace the Guidelines on State aid regarding environmental protection and energy 2014-2020 (’EEAG’). The Commission intends to align the new guidelines with the EU's objectives and targets set out in the European Green Agreement and with regulatory reforms in the fields of energy and the environmental protection, while extending the scope of soft law to climate protection. Read more... (Krisztina Széles)

Tax ruling: Advocate General Priit Pikamäe urges the Court to annul the judgment in the Fiat State aid case

  • 2022/01/11
  • kutatocsoport5

The Advocate General, in his Opinion delivered on 16 December 2021, proposes that the Court allow the appeal brought by Ireland and annul the Commission’s decision declaring aid which Luxembourg granted to Fiat as being incompatible with the internal market. Read more... (Krisztina Széles)

Global minimum corporate tax - The twilight of tax avoidance for "Big Tech"?

  • 2022/01/02
  • kutatocsoport5

The exponential growth in the importance of the digital economy and the debates surrounding it fill a large part of today's legal discourse. Demonstrating the unheard-of advance of this new economic segment, a 2018 Commission report found that the largest digital companies had an average annual growth rate of around 14% in the seven years preceding the report, compared to 0.2% for 'traditional' transnational companies, and five of the six largest companies in the world were digital companies. Read more... (Márton Ferenc Bak)

Another Nail in the Coffin for Arbitral Dispute Resolution Agreements in the EU – the Judgment of the CJEU in Poland v. PL Holdings

  • 2021/11/24
  • kutatocsoport5

In the latest episode of the intra-EU investment arbitration saga, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on 26 October 2021 in Poland v. PL Holdings (Case C-109/20) that EU Member States are precluded from concluding with investors from another EU Member State an ad hoc arbitration agreement identical to an arbitration clause of an international treaty deemed invalid under the CJEU’s Achmea case law (Case C-284/16). Read more... (Petra Ágnes Kanyuk)

European Parliament declares Polish Constitutional Tribunal illegitimate in the face of threat to the primacy of EU law

  • 2021/11/18
  • kutatocsoport5

In a resolution adopted on 21 October, the European Parliament (EP) declared the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland as not only “lacking legal validity and independence” but also “unqualified to interpret the Constitution of Poland”. This scathing denunciation comes as an answer to the 7 October decision of the Constitutional Tribunal that found the provisions of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) incompatible with the Polish Constitution on multiple grounds, thus posing a direct challenge to the established principle of the primacy of EU law. Read more... (Daniel Szilágyi)

Why is it so urgent that the United States of America ratifies the Convention on Biological Diversity?

  • 2021/08/30
  • kutatocsoport5

The Convention on Biological Diversity is an international convention signed in Rio de Janeiro, dedicated to promoting sustainable development. It seeks to conserve the diversity of life on Earth at all levels – genetic, population, species, habitat and ecosystem – and to ensure that this diversity continues to maintain the life support system of the biosphere overall. The Convention recognizes that biological diversity is about more than plants, animals and micro-organisms and their ecosystems – it also is about how dependent people are on a healthy environment and that we need nature in our lives. Read more... (Beáta Bella Szutor)