Unsustainability And Reform: The Case Of The Greek Pension System

  • 2016/04/07
  • Kutatócsoport4

With the onset of the Greek financial crisis in 2009, many aspects of the country’s administrative structure, financial practices and service provision system came under heavy scrutiny, both within Greece and around the world. The necessity of seeking financial assistance from various lenders naturally meant that the country experienced a decrease in its autonomy in relation to the running of its own internal affairs and, for the sake of its long term well-being and in order to receive necessary funds, had to make painful and drastic changes with regards to the structure and operation of the state. Read more... (Daniel Haitas)

Contracting Out Public Services to NGO (Comparative Practices in Asian Countries)

  • 2016/03/09
  • Kutatócsoport4

In Asian countries, contracting out public services to Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has been recognized as usual practice to support government function. This study found that their contractual agreement with the government strikes the nature of NGO as self-governing institutions, non-profit orientation, and independency. Read more... (Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto)

The Great Greek Auction: The Privatization of Utilities and Assets in Greece

  • 2016/02/23
  • Kutatócsoport4

With the onset of the Greek financial crisis in 2009 and the subsequent need for bailouts and loans from foreign creditors, Greece’s publicly owned assets and state-run services were brought into focus and became the target for reform, restructuring and privatization. This received a new and drastic impetus last year as a result of the latest bailout agreement, which requires that Greece implement a wide-ranging privatization program. Here we shall briefly overview the examples of water supply, electricity, and ports. Read more... (Daniel Haitas)

Delay Pays Well – Recent Case-law of the ECJ Related to Air Passenger Rights

  • 2016/02/10
  • Kutatócsoport4

Because of information asymmetry in the aviation sector passengers and air carriers will never be in possession of the same facts. Passengers are exposed to carriers when they are waiting for their flights. That is the main reason why the legislative bodies have to take care of passengers by providing them rights against carriers, although there is a significant difference in the method of regulation in the United States of America and the European Union. This essay intends to point out some of them. Read more ... (Nikolett Zoványi)

Legal Efforts to Correct and Reform Privatized Water Services in Indonesia

  • 2015/12/22
  • Kutatócsoport4

This study describes two effective legal efforts in dealing with water management problems in Indonesia: first, civil litigation to improve quality of water services. Second, in accordance with the philosophical meaning of water as nation’s welfare under 1945 Constitution, remunicipalisation is the suitable way to reform Indonesian’s water management control. Read more... (Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto)