PPP projects in Belarus: does it breakthrough in public services

  • 23 December 2016
  • Kutatócsoport4

One of our previous blog posts already discussed the development of public-private partnership in the last two decades, as well as its benefits and potential negative effects in detail. Yuri Krivorotko's note will examine why PPPs need in Belarus and what are the main results and shortcomings in establishing the necessary regulatory and financial framework. The author argues that, for Belarusian economy and finance, PPP becomes even more demanded and urgent. Read more...

Feasibility of green auctions in the Marosszög, Hungary

  • 23 November 2016
  • Kutatócsoport4

A major goal within the 2013 reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is “greening” of farming activities (that is land use change to environmentally more beneficial farming practices). The CAP provides direct incentives for such activities by means of green subsidies. This note summarise the results of an "auction game" testing the farmer's motivation for using one of the specific instruments of that greening policy. Read more... (András Kis and Gábor Ungvári)

Welfare sector in Belarus: consistent public policy in the budget sphere?

  • 7 November 2016
  • Kutatócsoport4

For a long time the Belarusian authorities characterized their national and subnational budgets with a welfare orientation. This brief note focuses on two questions: (i) what tendencies of social budgetary policy can be observed in the time of economic recession and (ii) how consistent was the welfare orientation of the central and local budgets in practice. Read more ... (Yuri Krivorotko)

PPP: past, presence and prospects

  • 9 October 2016
  • Kutatócsoport4

Public Private Partnership in infrastructure development divides politicians, economists and social scientists, as well. The recent hostility towards PPPs could be reversed by introducing new fiscal rules and regulatory techniques. However, these public financial management methods will work only if the political and governance environment is able to use them effectively. Read more... (Gábor Péteri)

Regionalisation and competition – Finnish social and health care reform

  • 23 September 2016
  • Kutatócsoport4

In Finland, the last Governments have very clearly recognized huge need for reforms in social and health care sector. Mr Juha Sipilä’s current Government has prepared the latest reply to the old challenge: over 800 pages of new legislation draft, issued in the end of June 2016. Markku Mölläri's article explains the key issues of the government proposal. Read more...


  • 21 September 2016
  • Kutatócsoport2

State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Poland's tax on the retail sector. The Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into a Polish tax on the retail sector. The Commission has concerns that the progressive rates based on turnover give companies with a low turnover a selective advantage over their competitors in breach of EU state aid rules. Read more...